Through history Opatija has been a leader in the tourism market and culture of living. The town lives up to its reputation up to this day, which is why we, the Association of Tourist Guides' Liburnia, have come up with a project that connects and includes the people of Opatija, professional tourism operators and us, workers in the travel industry in order to further develop the destination with a personal approach. In tune with Opatija is a project that starts from the fundamental idea of connecting various subjects and factors in tourism. Tourist guides are a connecting factor as professionals who are in a constant direct contact with visitors, but also with citizens whom they represent in their stories.

With a few clicks You and Your experience can become a part of this mosaic of Opatija.

How? Easy, share your memories, thoughts or photos with us and we will edit and post the story so it can turn into a lasting memory for Opatija and all of us.