About us and
our region

A region is made up of its nature and cities, but most of all of its people

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Two thousand years ago the Illyrian tribe of the Liburnians who settled down at the present day Croatian Littoral couldn’t have imagined that their coast would later be called Kvarner or that Opatija would become a real tourist mecca. The Liburnians have indebted us with formidable history, outstanding shipbuilders and brave seamen. The least we can do for them is to preserve their memory. As their name can often be heard in our region, we have joined this tradition. The Tourist Guides' Association Liburnia.

About our association

Our association counts about forty certified tourist guides. Working as small entrepreneurs, we build our economy and develop the tourist supply of the Kvarner region as well as the County Primorje-Gorski kotar. The members of our association are very dedicated and continuously work on brushing up their knowledge, which is why we have our annual autumn-winter education series of lectures and workshops. The lecturers are top experts from the following fields: culture, history and art history. On top of this, we also work on the improvement of our communication and presentation skills, which are very useful in our profession.

Photo by: @brch

We value the cooperation with various partners, such as the City Council of Opatija, the Tourist Boards of Opatija and Kvarner, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the PAR Business School – all important stakeholders in tourism and culture.

We, guides, are really fortunate that our workplace is in nature and around many wonderful sights along the Northern Adriatic Coast, cities and the natural beauty of Gorski Kotar and Lika. We like to call all of these our land, as they really are – with their green parks, dense forests and endless meadows. We are professionals, excellent connoisseurs of past, present, climate, vegetation, culture, tradition, customs, gastronomy and language – many things relating to our land. In fact, we are passionate patriots and we are proud to be the ones who can introduce these beauties to guests from all over the world.

Working as a tourist guide in the areas of Kvarner, Lika and Istria means having hundreds of workplaces – from the peaks of Risnjak, Učka and Ćićarija, through the stone streets of Vrbnik, Mošćenice and Motovun to the mysterious abandoned factory halls of Rijeka. We are virtually everywhere. We gladly present our sights to people from faraway lands and from nearby alike.

Join us on one of our travels and get to know us - since a region is made up of its nature and cities, but most of all of its people...