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Excursions from Opatija and its surroundings

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The true treasure of our county and land lies in its people. They have woven an outstanding heritage that can be well represented by our guides. They will also be delighted to introduce our natural gems, may they be well known or hidden. The beauty of our land comes from its diversity and we will be thrilled to help you discover it, including things you would not find in guide books or online - the ones that make a difference.

Whether you are fond of culture or nature, may you prefer a bustling city or the idyllic rural atmosphere, our guides will share their knowledge and experience. Take a look where our guides can take you, discover those places with their help and let this immense treasure seduce you.

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Excursions from Opatija and its surroundings

Photo by: @brch - Trsat - Rijeka

The Opatija sightseeing follows the traces of the 19th century "Nice of the Adriatic" - a time when the Habsburgs and other royalty and nobility flocked to this new destination to relax and have a great time. Find out what has been attracting visitors to Opatija ever since that time! You will be mesmerised by the town's charm, its parks and cafés and the beauty of the Lungomare promenade.

The Tour of Rijeka represents numerous world-class novelties with the emphasis on its merchant navy, industrial and turbulent political history. The visit to Trsat Castle and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Trsat reveals its cultural heritage witnessing the city's power and wealth. You could visit the vibrant farmers’ market or learn about Rijeka's projects for European Capital of Culture in 2020.

The Opatija Riviera Tour ( Lovran - Mošćenice - Brseč ) reveals the charming hilltop villages not far from the Adriatic Coast. You will find out the reason behind their prosperity and listen to what the several centuries old architecture tells you about customs and tradition.

The Hilltops Hopping Tour ( Veprinac - Mošćenice - Kastav ) – Walk with us through the medieval streets and discover their rich history, learn about old customs that come alive much to the delight of locals and their guests. Enjoy the spectacular view over Kvarner Bay.

Riviera Boat Tour, Two Islands Boat Tour, Sunset by Boat, Fishing Tours - Would you like to see our highly indented coastline from the sea? The activity level is up to you – stay aboard or swim and dive in our crystal clear sea. You might even see dolphins!

Photo by: @brch Kvarner - Volosko

Photo by: @brch - Lošinj

The Nature Park Učka Excursion invites you to unveil the serenity of nature or to be active. If you are an extreme sports fan, you can enjoy mountain climbing or paragliding. Get on a bike, do some trekking or just take an easy walk through which you can get to know nature or take in the breathtaking views of the Kvarner Bay or Istria.

The Island Tour of Cres and Lošinj will show you the many facets of our largest island and its important neighbour. Our bronze Apoxyomenos statue is a must see; go for a walk in Osor to hear about its glorious past. Learn about Lošinj’s traditional boats and sailing ships and the maritime trade in its heyday. Listen to stories of local sea captains; follow some dolphins; explore aromatic plants, their scents and benefits.

The Island of Krk Tour will introduce the culture and natural history of the island – olive groves and wine cellars. Our guides will help you with the itinerary. The wines and cheeses of Krk are not to be missed, nor is the relaxing swim in the crystal clear sea – just think which should come first!

The Routes of the Frankopans Tour ( Kraljevica – Crikvenica - Vinodol ) will get you acquainted with the lives of ordinary folk and Croatian nobility of the Middle Ages. Here you will find out why the Grižane-born limner artist Giulio Clovio was known as the "Michelangelo of high renaissance miniature". The viewpoint offers an excellent view to Vinodol and the Croatian Littoral.

The Island of Rab Tour cannot reveal to you all its gems in one day. Tell us about your interests and we will tailor the program that suits you best. Explore the town of Rab with its alleys, churches and bell towers of medieval origin, learn about their rich past as well as of the Fjera with its crossbow tournament. Geopark or other parks and forests of the island await visitors, but you may also go to the beach to build sandy castles just to have fun or for a bit of competition.

Photo by: @brch Krk - Baška

Photo by: @Goran Moravček - Plitvice lakes

The National park Northern Velebit tour gets you familiar with the biodiversity of that mighty mountain. This is a great opportunity to put your hiking shoes to the test, but you could discover the Velebit treasure even without much walk. A stroll in unspoiled nature and tasting of some homemade dairy products are excellent options.

The National park Plitvice Lakes tour will take your breath away; this stands for both the scenery on your way there and for that enchanting site. No wonder it is a Natural World Heritage site protected by UNESCO. Even if you are not a born hiker, our guides will find a suitable way for you to fully enjoy the Lakes’ true beauty. Do not miss the boat ride!

The Zagreb tour presents a true Central European metropolis proud of its history, culture and architecture. In our capital, bursting with good vibes, there are numerous events available, so everyone can find something to their taste. This could be the reason why Zagreb won the title The Best Christmas market in Europe forthree years in a row. Listen to anecdotes from the past and present of both Upper and Lower town, let the vibrant Dolac market and other town squares enchant you with their energy.

The Gorski Kotar tour takes you to caves, lakes and educational or merely relaxing strolls in the green hinterland. Let us name just a couple of sites: National Park Risnjak, Zeleni Vir and Kamacnik. Find out the unique flavours of homemade products, mushroom delicacies and fresh berries coming from this unspoilednature.

Photo by: @infinitecroatia Zagreb Art Pavilion Croatia

Photo by: @brch Pula - Arena

The Labin and Rabac tour reveals the charm of a medieval hilltop townwith a Venetian touch. There is a lot to learn about coal mining and town planning of the Italian era. Enjoy the pebble beaches of Rabac below the hill or the scenic hiking trails on its slopes.

The Nesactium and Monkodonja tour will give you an insight into Istria's ancient past through the remnants of the Histrians’ prehistoric capital and a Bronze Age hill-fort – a rare find for keen archaeologists.

The Pula tour presents one of the world's biggest and best-preserved amphitheatres of the Roman era to you. It also uncovers other remnants of its glorious pastincluding those of the period when it was the main Austro-Hungarian naval base. Find out which outstanding Guinness World Record Pula holds, why culture fans and music lovers alikerush there and how many different types of beaches you could find along its coastline.

The NP Brijuni tour attracts you with the serenity of protected nature, indigenous plants and animals of the archipelago and those given to Josip Broz Tito, the president of former Yugoslavia. There is an exhibition dedicated to his political activities and meetings with state leaders and world celebrities. A panoramic train takes you for a ride to more remote parts of the island or you may just choose to relax at one of the beaches of this island paradise.

The Tour of Bale and Vodnjan takes you for a walk in Bale where you can admire its medieval architecture and have a look what is hiddenin its parish church crypt. Discover what rare and rich treasure is on display in the Vodnjan parish church of St. Blaise. Listen to the story of Istria's Golden Triangle, the source of award winning olive oils of world class. Savour those with other Istrian delicacies!

The Tour of Rovinj opens up to you as a romantic Mediterranean town where winding streets, vivid facades, vaulted passages, small jetties and batanas will tell their stories of past and present. Learn about heritage through a traditional or contemporary event. After a day loaded with impressions, grab a delicious bite in a spacio and listen to thefishermen performing their traditional bitinada.

Photo by: @brch Rovinj

Photo by: @brch Poreč - Basilica

The Lim Bay - Dvigrad - Savičenta tour draws you attention to its beautiful scenery and stories from Istria’s turbulent past. Legends, tales and facts will help you imagine the life at Savičenta castle. The beauty of Lim Channel, looking just like a fjord, will take your breath away. Wander around the ruins of Dvigrad and learn why that rich town was abandoned.

The tour of Poreč shows you why the town used to be an important centre in Roman as well as Venetian times. It also introduces the Basilica Euphrasiana, one of the most exquisite examples of Byzantine art and a World Cultural Heritage site under UNESCO protection. Find out why Poreč is called the town of mosaics, jewelry and ice cream! At every turn you will see why it received the title Croatian Champion of Tourism several times.

The Excursion to Novigrad and Umag will brighten your day bypresenting how former fishing villages embellished by Venetian architecture became cosy living rooms of northwest Istria. Look for cultural heritage in their historic centres and listen to the town walls whispering about their past and present. Various cultural, food and sports events are well worth a visit in these two towns.

The Istrian hill-top towns tour ( Grožnjan Motovun Oprtalj ) invites you to its green landscapes criss-crossed with medieval towns and villages. A delightful walk takes you through their narrow alleys bordered by well-preserved houses and palaces with views that take your breath away. You may go for a truffle hunt and a tasting of Istrian delicacies, most importantly truffles. Oprtalj is well known for its late medieval frescoes, while Grožnjan is mostly referred to as the town of arts and artists. You will easily understand why the region is called Croatian Tuscany.

The Tour of Central Istria ( Draguć - Pazin - Beram - Buzet ) reveals the gems of greenIstrian hinterland. Explore themaze of winding cobbled streets in hilltop towns and learn about the Glagolitic script and other cultural heritage. Draguć and Beram are noted for their late Gothic frescoes while Pazin for its abyss and well preserved medieval castle. You can find several sights where famous films were shot. Viewpoints offer the thrill of nature, while Buzet shows its traditions embedded in everyday life. You may close the day with some truffles and wine tasting.

Photo by: @brch Motovun

Photo by: @brch Istria - Mill, river Mirna

The Hum and Roč tour presents two Istrian hilltop towns that will enchant you with their medieval architecture, frescoes, tranquility and beautiful vistas. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hum is the smallest town in the world. Take a stroll along the Glagolitic Lane and learn about the link between Glagolitic script and Croatian cultural identity. Taste some savorylocal food and biska!

Walking and Hiking tours in Istria and the Kvarner region follow our nature lovers' well-trodden paths. You may chooseto walk along some of theeducational trails like Vela Draga, Mountain Učka or Leska at NP Risnjak and you will be rewarded with serenity and breathtaking views of our sea, islands, mountains and forests rich in flora and fauna.

Visiting neighbouring countries

The Slovenian Istria tour ( Koper - Piran - Sečovlje saltworks - Hrastovlje ) gives you a good insight into the Slovenian coast rich in history and tourist offer. The sightseeing introduces cultural heritage in Koper and Piran, former fishing villages of medieval origin and charming Venetian architecture. You could admire 15thc. frescoes in Hrastovlje and learn about traditional salt production in Sečovlje.

Postojana Cave or Škocjan Caves - Lipica Stud Farm tour gets you familiar with Slovenian magic underground and the famous Lipizzan horses. Whether you choose Postojna Cave, the largest tourist cave in Europe that you visit on foot and by panoramic train, or The Škocjan Caves, an exquisite natural phenomenon under UNESCO protection, you will be overwhelmed with the beauty of karst formations. At the stud farm, white Lipizzan horses will captivate you with their elegance and intelligence. The Spanish Riding School’s show is recommended.

The Ljubljana tour shows the Slovenian capital as a human scale city extremely rich in heritage and events. It is a town where culture is simply a way of life. The tour follows the path of architectural gems, particularly those of Joze Plečnik and other Art Nouveau masters, all the way up to the castle overlooking the city from the top of the hill. Enjoy a boat trip on Ljubljanica river!

Postojana Cave - Slovenia

Bled - Slovenia

The Bled and Bohinj lakes tour gives you unique views of pristine nature amidst the Alps. You can find out about transhumance and other local customs. Enjoy hiking in a mountain gorge or a stroll around a lake. If you take a romantic pletna boat ride to the only Slovenian island, ringthe church bell so your wish could come true. Bled castle, surmounting a high cliff above the lake, invites you to view its treasure but it is also a great vantage point.

The Excursion to Trieste and the Miramare Castle reveals a cosmopolitan multicultural city of old Austriancharm, which is why it is called Little Vienna on the Sea. Enjoy a great espresso in a literary café, by the best torrefazione, the coffee roasters. Climb the hill of San Giusto and learn about its rich heritage and the town’s Roman and medieval past. The Miramare castle and its parks built for theunfortunate Maximilian of Habsburg are a must see!

Wherever our guides take you, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy our great local food and wine . Don't hesitate, it is the right way to get familiar with our culture. Just tell us what you’d like to try and a part of your chosen tour will be dedicated to a tasting or two! If you feel like it, your whole half-day or full-day tour could be devoted to tasting wine, olive oil, cheese, brandy, dry-cured ham, truffles (with or without truffle hunting). Just let your guide know which your favourite treats are!

Dear guests,
We have our standard programs for each destination but in the end, it is up to you how we will tailor your excursion. Name your particular interests and we will help you discover our diversity and create a handful of unforgettable memories. With our guides, you can truly experience Croatia.